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The 24-Hour Wine Expert

The 24-Hour Wine Expert

  • In The 24-Hour Wine Expert, "Jancis Robinson, a British wine writer renowned for her many big, glossy tomes, has come up with a compact, breezy, one-shot wine seminar for novices. . . . If carignan or claret are still vinous mysteries to you, look here for answers" (New York Times).

    Many wine drinkers wish they knew more without having to understand every nuance or attend expensive wine tastings. In this pithy, comprehensive guide, anyone can learn all that is really important about wine in a single day. Wine writer Jancis Robinson shares her expertise with authority, wit, and approachability, tackling questions such as how to select the right bottle at retail, what wine labels signify, how to understand the properties of color and aroma, and how to match food and wine. Robinson's proposition is irresistible: In just 24 hours, anyone can become a wine expert. So pour a glass and get reading!

    "The authoritative voice of a master of wine who has been educating us about it for four decades. Don't expect gospel--just an invitation to learn the basics and fall in love with wine on your own terms." --Washington Post

    Note: The simulated wine stains on the cover of the book are a design element and are intentional.

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