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Epic Spice BBQ Addiction Set

Epic Spice BBQ Addiction Set

  • Taking your grilling to the next level, our spice blends not only expertly season your meat, but the actual composition of our BBQ rubs tenderize the cuts, creating a succulent, juicy, fall-off-the-bone masterpiece. Slow-smoked brisket, tender short ribs, juicy grilled steaks – this tube of BBQ spice blends bring the flavors of a BBQ pitmaster to your fingertips.  


     Gift tube contains: Steak Seasoning 75g, Chipotle Honey Rub 75g, Rib Rub 75g, Chimichurri 40g

  • Epic Spice Co. works directly with certified Indian, Mexican, and European farmers to source their spices and herbs to ensure the freshest and highest quality. 

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