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Holmes Cay Guyana Rum Uitvlugt 2003

Region Plantation Diamond

Country Guyana

Holmes Cay Guyana Rum Uitvlugt 2003

  • The Holmes Cay Uitvlugt 2003 edition was distilled on a historic French 4-column Savalle column still. Originally located in the legendary Uitvlugt Estate (pronounced “eye-flot”), the still can now be found at Diamond Distillery, Guyana. This 100% column still rum was aged two years tropically in Guyana and 16 years in the UK, and bottled in New York State. Aging alone creates the complex flavors of the Guyana Uitvlugt 2003. No sugar, no color, and no other flavors were added in the making of this rum. The Guyana Uitvlugt 2003 is bottled at barrel proof, or 51% alcohol by volume. Four casks, just 858 bottles of this premium, 18-year old rum are produced.

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