Porfidio The Plata Tequila

Product of Jalisco, Mexico

Porfidio The Plata Tequila

  • The Plata by Porfidio has been created with the blue agave purist in mind and is bottled fresh after distillation. Specifically, the spirit is not naturally mellowed through ageing in wood barrels and so preserved in its original state, fresh from the still.

    What sets The Plata by Porfidio (Super-Jalisco) apart when compared to common Blanco 100% Agave Tequila is its greatly reduced methanol content, which results in extra smoothness. This is because we make The Plata from cold-pressed agave juice, which is enzymatically hydrolyzed; rather than from hot-pressed agave juice, which is heat hydrolyzed.


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